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      About us

      About usGuizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. It is a solid phosphorus chemical enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sale. Relying on the advantages of phosphate resources in Asia's phosphorus capital -- Guizhou Guiyang production base, the company has been focusing on the R&D and production of phosphoric acid and phosphate for 18 years. The company has a fine phosphate and phosphate production lines, can provide customers with the whole process of production and quality assurance chain. The main products are phosphoric acid, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium triphosphate, sodium pyrophosphate and so on. At present, it has formed a production scale with an annual output of 30,000 tons of phosphate and 60,000 tons of phosphate. In 2009, the compay passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.
      In order to meet the special needs of the world's ethnic and religious countries, the company has passed the Kosher certification, Halal certification and EU Reach certification.
      Adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, quality and win-win", the company always adheres to the professional and large-scale business model to provide craftsmanship and fast service for domestic and foreign merchants.
      Relying on innovative products and worry-free services, we have established trade cooperative relations with customers from more than 60 countries and regions such as Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia.
      With the aim of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, we invite you to join us in joint venture and cooperation to jointly forge classic brands and share business results.


      • ISO9000
      • ISO14001
      • certificate
      • REACH
      • Famous trademark of Guizhou province
      • College graduates employment internship base
      • Excellent supplier of phosphorus chemical industry in China
      • Certificate of China Pesticide Association
      • China pesticide industry procurement and supply chain management committee member list
      • Yungui Medal of Honor
      • In November 2017, the company sent staff to participate in the 2017 Alibaba training.
      • Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. is listed as a member of Foshan ceramic industry association in Guangdong province

       Set up the grand pattern consciousness of "transparency benefits and open mind"

       Construct the pillar of enterprise competitive advantage and steady development

       Is our value orientation to win customers and future for long-term

      • In 2002

        On September 29, 2002, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. was formally established.
      • In 2003

        On March 28, 2003, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. has become a member of China chamber of commerce for the import and export of minmetals and chemicals.
      • In 2005

        In January, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. won the 2004 guizhou province export advanced enterprise commendation;
        In March, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. has become a member of China chamber of commerce for the import and export of light industrial crafts.
        In June, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. won the seventh place in the list of Guiyang award-winning import and export enterprises
        In December, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification.
      • In 2006

        In January, Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company was registered and established.
        In February, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. won the third prize of Guizhou Province export advanced enterprise in 2005.
        In March, Guizhou Huahui Chemical Limited Liability Company was registered and established.
        In May, Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company’s first 10,000 ton phosphoric acid production line was completed and put into production.
        In September, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. is the first council member of phosphoric acid export coordination group of China chamber of commerce of metals, minerals and chemicals importers and exporters.
        In October, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. passed ISO14001:2004 authentication, Halal authentication, Kosher authentication.
        In December, Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company leases three yellow phosphorus production lines to be put into operation in Qiannan phosphate plant. Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. won the third prize in 2005 enterprise financial accounting statement evaluation.
      • In 2007

        In April, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. won the 2006 Guiyang export enterprises ranked 22nd.
        In May, Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company officially put yellow phosphorus into production.
        In July, Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company party branch was established with 23 members.
        In November, trade union of Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company was organized.
        In December, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. phosphoric acid exports ranked 14th in the industry, sodium tripolyphosphate exports ranked 15th in the industry.
      • In 2008

        In December, , Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company realized the output value of 100 million Yuan, and paid more than 5 million Yuan of profits and taxes; Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. has become a key import and export enterprise in the business system of Guizhou province, with an export volume of 23 million Dollars; In the same year, the export of phosphoric acid ranked the 13th in the industry, the export of sodium tripolyphosphate ranked the 13th in the industry, and the export of yellow phosphorus ranked the first in guizhou province.
      • In 2009

        In June, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. performs the pre-registration of our business for export to the EU REACG.
        In July, Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company formally acquired part of the former Qiannan phosphate plant state-owned shares, to achieve holding operations; Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company obtained the safety production license.
        In December, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd ranks 15th in the export of phosphoric acid and 17th in the export of sodium tripolyphosphate.
      • In 2011

        In January, Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company won the "Fuquan economic development outstanding contribution outstanding enterprise" title.
        In February, Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company won the title of "first prize of foreign trade work of Qiannan bureau of commerce and grain in 2010".
        In June, Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company’s energy optimization project was fully completed and put into production, realizing the circular industrial chain mode of continuous production of yellow phosphorus and sodium tripolyphosphate; Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company has been awarded the title of advanced grass-roots party organization by fuquan municipal committee of the communist party of China.
         In July, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. implements e-commerce internal system.
        In October, trade union of Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. was formally formed.
        In December, Guizhou Fuquan Huaxin Chemical Limited Liability Company has obtained ISO quality certification system and environmental certification system.
      • In 2012

        In February, Guizhou Huahui Phosphorus Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. won the title of "Qiannan commerce and grain bureau 2011 foreign trade advanced enterprise second prize".
        In August, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. “reading club" was established.
        In September, business school of Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. was formally established.
      • In 2013

        In December, “QIANPHOS” brand of Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. was recognized as the famous trademark of Guizhou province.
      • In 2014

        In January, Mr. Huang Yuemin, GM of Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd., successfully passed the preliminary examination of the position of "2013 Guizhou private economic organization professional technical title: senior economist".
        In May, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. has been awarded "Guiyang employment and internship base for college graduates" by Guiyang human resources and social security bureau and Guiyang talent exchange center.
        In June, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. officially launched WeChat public service platform to provide customers with the latest corporate information.
      • In 2015

        In July, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the Q-board of Shanghai equity trading center.
      • In 2016

        In May, the company was rated as the outstanding supplier of phosphorus chemical industry in China in 2016.
        In July, Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. has comprehensively introduced the cloud ERP system and made great progress in the informatization construction of operation and management data.
        In December, Party branch of Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. was organized; Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. has signed a cooperation agreement with Guizhou Yuqing Shichun Mineral Resources Co., Ltd. to jointly develop Donggou phosphate mine in Yuqing county, covering an area of 0.2781 square kilometers, with an annual mining capacity of 100,000 tons of high-grade phosphate ore and an annual output value of 70 million Yuan.
      • In 2017

        In January, Naning branch company of Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. was established.
        In April, Guizhou Huahui Phosphorus Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was under transformation and upgrading, into the ranks of commercial real estate; Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd. has implemented the strategy of upgrading and transformation, and formally entered China's agricultural and chemical industry, becoming a member of the supply chain committee of China's pesticide industry.
      Customer Service

      Service Hotline

      Contact us

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